Feedback from HomingPIN Owners Survey

Feedback from HomingPIN Owners Survey
October 9, 2013 glenn

HomingPIN recently did a survey to gain feedback from our customers, with a reward being a chance to win a Kindle Fire!  While we’re still trying to reach the winner below is some of the great feedback we received. All comments are anonymous to protect your identity.

“Great idea should have been thought of  years ago!!”

“..haven”t used them yet not till september, but found them very easy to activate and have recommended them to friends…”

“Easy to register Easy  to use self explanatory  tags and stickers f or smaller items wallet, camera, phone etc well worth it.”

“A simple idea that will save a lot of  worry  and stress”

“We feel more relaxed and secure travelling with homing pins attached to our luggage , passports, cameras, etc…”

“It relies on the finder being honest. ..if  we were all honest then more missing things would be recovered without homing pin”

“Luckily  I have never yet lost any thing on a trip, but the homingPin is a good idea and I now use it every  time we travel.”

” Having lost luggage previously  it is re-assuring to know that our belongings are protected by  registering with yourselves”

“Nothing went missing so nothing to report. Setting up was simple and straightforward. ”

“Homing Pin is a great Idea, so far I have been fortunate that I haven’t had to use the service.”