How To Make Business Travel Less Stressful

How To Make Business Travel Less Stressful
May 7, 2014 glenn

The day in a life of a business traveler can be extremely stressful; a study from the CWT Solution Group suggests that some of the key factors are due to lost time when travelling, missing luggage, delays in flights, and poor internet connection.

It’s surprising how being prepared can make such a difference when traveling, so below are some handy tips to help make your business trip a little less stressful.

Plan ahead

  • Planning ahead really is the key here. You need to organise yourself so that if any hiccups do occur during the trip, you’re well equipped. Keep all essential travel documentation together in a folder to ensure it’s easily accessible; include things such as:
  • Passports
  • Boarding passes
  • Expense documentation
  • Emergency contact details
  • Itinerary
  • Hotel confirmation
  • Money

Keeping all these crucial items organisied will reduce the worry of misplacing documents throughout your journey, allowing a much smoother process.


Leaving packing till the last minute will only result in more stress. Pre-plan your outfits at least a week before your departure, remembering to pack light and sensibly. (You don’t need a different pair of shoes for each day!)

Always pack a change of clothes in a carry-on-bag with some essential toiletries, that way you’re prepared for any issues resulting from delayed or lost luggage. It’s even handy if you want to quickly freshen up after a long flight. You’ll be surprised at how much this can perk you up.


It’s always best to get a good nights sleep before you set off, allowing you to be fresh and alert for the big day ahead.


There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable when travelling, especially if you’re travelling for long periods of time. When flying, the way you dress can also affect how quickly you get through security, so ditch the belts and accessories and dress in your comfiest outfit.


Arrange to arrive at your destination a day in advance before any business meetings, this allows you to catch up on sleep, find your bearings and get settled in.


Keep your stress levels down and ensure you keep on top of your expenses; the last thing you want to be doing is roaming around for dozens of receipts! So hang on to them ensuring they’re in a safe place. On your return, fill out the expense report straight away, whilst everything’s fresh in your mind.

Eating and drinking habits

When travelling, people don’t always pay attention to their drinking and eating habits. Eating junk food and drinking fizzy drinks will almost certainly make you feel sluggish. Keep yourself hydrated, drink plenty of water and tuck into a light meal.

Switching off

Often business workers won’t be able to switch off. They’ll spend their time working whilst travelling, which means they’re never having any down time. It’s extremely important that you make time for rest, even if you do have a huge workload.


Losing your property when traveling on a business trip can ruin the entire experience for you, making it ten times as stressful. So why not carry a HomingPIN with you? HomingPIN helps connect the finder and the owner of lost property worldwide, helping to protect your bags and property whilst you travel! So travel with ease, travel with HomingPIN.

Handy Tips

  • Ensure that the accommodation you are staying in has WIFI.
  • Carry portable chargers with you throughout your journey.
  • Download travel apps, they’ll certainly come in handy!

Are you a frequent business traveler with useful tips to share? We’d like to hear them!