5 Festival Survival Tips – Protecting your valuables

5 Festival Survival Tips – Protecting your valuables
June 30, 2014 glenn
5 Festival Survival Tips

It’s summer, and the festival-goers are out with rucksacks bursting full of valuable items. Missing out on the opportunity to record your favourite band on your smartphone or taking selfies with your pals just isn’t an option. But what happens if all these amazing memories are suddenly lost? You won’t be a happy camper!

1. HomingPIN

Photo by Catrin Austin

So you’ve booked your festival ticket, and you can’t wait to go! But have you protected your phone? Attaching a HomingPIN to your phone, camera or wallet will reassure the safety of your valuables so you can relax, and get into the festival spirit, knowing your items are protected. You can purchase your HomingPIN here

2. Lockers

Photo by joolie

Most festivals do have lockers, so if you love your items, you’ll lock them up.

3. Insurance

Photo by Peter Werkman

Have you checked your personal items are covered on your home insurance? Make sure you do! It’ll give you that extra reassurance that your valuables can easily be replaced if damaged.

4. Wallet

Photo by Zach Graves

Only take as much money as you think you’ll need, you don’t want to be carrying wads of cash around with you. Remember to empty everything out of your wallet that you don’t need, e.g. library card, store cards, credit and debit cards. You could always embrace the bum bag? Ideal for keeping cash safe.

5. Sleep

Photo by Exit Festival

Whilst sleeping, keep your valuables next to you at all times, lock them away in your sleeping bag to be on the extra safe side!

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