Back to school with HomingPIN

Back to school with HomingPIN
August 21, 2014 glenn
Back to School with HomingPIN

Summers over and schools back on the horizon!

What happens when your child has left their phone on the back seat of a bus or their laptop in the public library?

Chaos would happen.

It’s so easy to underestimate the cost of replacing these items, but it wouldn’t be cheap. Only 25% of phones, cameras, tablets, laptops and wallets are returned to their owners, and when the owner isn’t found 75% of items are auctioned off. It’s not just technology that is at risk here; expensive sportswear and sports equipment could also go missing if your child were to misplace their bag. So how do you keep these items protected and safe when it’s out of your control? HomingPIN is the solution. HomingPIN gets lost property back to you FAST.

How can I use my HomingPIN?

HomingPIN tag on a school bag You can protect your child’s valuables while they are at school by using HomingPIN. You can use it just about anywhere, sports grounds, libraries and even on school trips. You can rest assured knowing if your child misplaces their school stuff you’re more likely to get it back with HomingPIN, why replace lost items when you could get them back? To see how you can attach a HomingPIN to kids school bags or sports stuff today click here HomingPIN protected items A study showed that more than 70% of American high school students carry a phone on them, so it’s crucial these items are protected. Our asset labels are not just for phones; you can use these to protect laptops, tablets, sports equipment and mp3 players. Simply attach a HomingPIN asset label on your child’s valuables and worry no more. Is your child forever losing their locker key? Attach their keys to one of our handy keyrings and your problems solved!

The HomingPIN

Our product comes in the form of tags, keyrings and asset labels which all have a unique number on them. Visit: and follow the simple instructions to activate your HomingPIN ready in time for your child’s return to school.

How does HomingPIN work?

  1. The finder of the item connects with you by visiting
  2. The finder then inputs their details and HomingPIN’s unique number into our system
  3. The information provided will be used to identify the owner
  4. A text message is then sent to the owner instantly
  5. The owner can then contact the finder and arrange to get your lost property back
  6. We will arrange at a reasonable cost a method to get your property back, wherever the destination.

You can now send your children back to school feeling confident that their items are protected! To purchase a HomingPIN or to find out more information on how we can help you visit our website.