Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips
October 17, 2014 glenn

Get your lost property back this halloween

Keeping your valuables secure from the goblins and ghouls this Halloween.

Halloween is just round the corner, a time to eat candy, dress up as a spooky monster and have an awesome time with your friends and family; however, the night can quickly turn into a nightmare if your valuables are misplaced. HomingPIN will take the fear out of your Halloween this year with these 6 handy tips.

1. Cellphones

Ghosts are the main culprits for hiding and misplacing items, especially Poltergeists. They get a kick out of hiding cell phones, leaving the owner phoneless for days on end. Fear not! As long as you have your asset label attached to your cell, HomingPIN will return this to you safely and unspooked.

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2. Mops and Brooms

Mops and Brooms are at a high risk this year and it’s important you protect yours. Witches are known to steal brooms on the evening of Halloween to ride around the sky. Once the night is over, they’ll dump your broom without hesitation, wherever the destination. Don’t let this happen to you; ensure you tag your broom with a HomingPIN.

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3.Clothes and Accessories

Skeletons hate this time of year; the cold goes straight through them! They love to wrap up warm and unfortunately this means your clothes and accessories are going to be in extreme danger (especially top hats). Lock them away in a suitcase for the night, and ensure you have a HomingPIN tag attached.

4. Toilet Paper

Mummies will commandeer your toilet roll without hesitation. It’s extremely important you safeguard them with HomingPIN asset labels. Losing your toilet paper is just not an option, why risk it? Keep it safe with HomingPIN.

5. Keys

Vampires are crafty creatures, longing to find a dark corner in your house to shelter in. They’ll take your keys at any chance they get without returning them. Prepare for the worst; tag your keys with HomingPIN.

6. Gadgets

Goblins are mischievous; they enjoy pulling pranks and hiding gadgets is their specialty, especially laptops and tablets. They tend to misplace them in different locations, just to be extra menacing. Lucky for you HomingPIN works globally; you’ll have your gadgets back in no time!

Remember don’t be tricked this Halloween, keep your items safe with and sound with HomingPIN – Your worldwide lost property recovery system.

Spooky Disclaimer
This is a spoof blog post; we sadly cannot guarantee the return of your property from any spooky monsters you come across. However we’ve heard garlic is a good precaution.