5 Reasons to HomingPIN your phone

5 Reasons to HomingPIN your phone
February 26, 2015 glenn

Cell phones are a big part of our everyday lives, we use them daily, for work and personal use. It’s so easy to misplace your phone, and they aren’t cheap to replace if lost. So, what can you do to ensure your phone is protected? HomingPIN it!

Below is five reasons to HomingPIN your phone:

1. Insurance

You may have phone insurance, but placing a HomingPIN on your phone means if the phone’s handed in, you are almost guaranteed to get your SIM card, memories and photos back – something not all insurers can guarantee.

Phone insurance goes up every time you make a claim, the great thing about HomingPIN is it’s inexpensive. All you need to pay for is the minimal year subscription to cover your items.

2. Internationally

HomingPIN can protect your phone anywhere around the globe – as long as you’re an annual member of HomingPIN. Our global courier service works round the clock to ensure your items are returned safely.

3. Peace of mind

Have you just bought a relative an expensive phone but worried they may misplace it? HomingPIN can give you that extra assurance you need to ensure their phone is safe.

4. Returned back fast

If your phone has ended up at a police station or lost property office, it’s still not guaranteed to be returned back to you. Tracking down the owners for lost phones can be difficult and often only 25% of phones are returned to the owner. With HomingPIN, your phone can be returned back to you fast.

5. Identity theft

HomingPIN keeps your Identity safe, the finder can still contact you without accessing your personal data. The finder’s contact details are forwarded to you.

So what are you waiting for? Protect your phone today: www.homingpin.com/buy