HomingPIN’s Packing Tips

HomingPIN’s Packing Tips
March 27, 2015 glenn
Luggage with a HomingPIN attached

Your dream holiday is booked and you’re eager to set off, but there’s still that one daunting task that we all dread, PACKING. Check out HomingPIN’s packing tips to help you have a stress-free packing experience!

1. Before you start anything, check the weather forecast for the destination you are travelling to. This will make your life a whole lot easier when packing for your trip.

2. Planning on packing valuables? Attach a HomingPIN to all your loved items to ensure they are protected. You can protect all the items below with a HomingPIN:

• Luggage
• Passport
• Tablets
• Laptop
• Wallets
• Keys
• Camera

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3. Make a list – That way you’ll know exactly what you want to pack and you won’t be tempted to bring anything other than the essentials.

4. Start your packing with shoes at the bottom.

5. To prevent the dirt from your shoes ruining your clothes, place your shoes in an old shower cap.

6. Stuff socks inside your shoes to save that extra bit of space.

7. Rolling is the new folding! You’ll be amazed at the space you can save.

8. If you’re packing shirts, use a belt to keep you collar stiff.

9. If you have a bulky sweater or a heavy pair of trainers, try wearing these to the airport – remember planes do get a little chilly.

10. Jewelry can be a nightmare to untangle and find, especially if you haven’t organised a secure home for them. Try keeping them in these handy storage places:

• Old medicine containers.
• A small plastic bag.
• Buttons from coats or jumpers can be used as great earring holders.

10. Always pack a separate bag for dirty laundry; this will ensure your dirty and clean clothes don’t mix.

11. Do you really need full-size beauty products? Pack mini versions instead! This is always a great space saver.

12. Pack wisely! Mix & match outfits to save on extra space in your case. Remember you don’t need an outfit for every day.

13. If you’re thinking of packing heavy items such as a hair dryer, always ring the hotel or accommodation to check if they supply these.

14. Keep your phone chargers and other cables in an old sunglasses case.

15. Packing heavy items such as laptops can really weigh your case down, if it’s not essential to bring a laptop, go for an iPad instead, which is much lighter and will take up less space.

16. If you’re packing anything fragile, make sure you wrap them up in some clothes or towels, this will prevent them from breaking.

17. Leave at least 20% extra room in your suitcase, just in case you want to bring back any goodies!

Got any great packing tips to share? We’d love to hear!

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