Funny & Creative Luggage Designs!

Funny & Creative Luggage Designs!
April 17, 2015 glenn

1. The Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Suitcase


Designed by Andy Yoder

You may get some funny looks whilst walking through the airport with this bad boy! But who cares? This is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Pun intended.


2. The Gotta Go Brief Case

Gotta Go Briefcase Rodd Miller ©2007-v2.img_assist_custom

Goodbye toilet breaks, hello higher job performance! This is the wonderful creation of Niban Too Corp.

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3. Convertible couch and suitcase set


Fed up of standing and waiting around in airports? This retro convertible couch suitcase is your solution! Although, we do wonder how comfy it is?


4. The suitcase scooter


Walking to and from your terminal can sometimes feel like forever. With this handy scooter suitcase, you’ll be laughing in the face of terminals!

You can purchase this here

5. Suitcase Motorbike!


Liangcai from Henan, province of China designed this amazing contraption

Fed up lugging your suitcase around? Relax! Let your suitcase do all the work. Just remember to buckle up!


6. The Weapon Suitcase


I think you’d have to be pretty brave to walk into an airport with one of these! Don’t you? Sonia Verguet restored these one of a kind vintage suitcases.


7. Hop!


Spanish designer, Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez created this futuristic suitcase

Meet Hop, the suitcase that follows you! Yep, that’s right. You’ll never have to worry about leaving luggage unattended again.

Check out Hop in full action here:


8. Ride On Carry On


Family travel is made easy with “Ride On Carry On” This is invention is genius and will certainly be lowering parents stress levels around the globe!

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