Travel Tips when Travelling By Train

Travel Tips when Travelling By Train
July 1, 2015 Dan Milne

Travel Tips when travelling by Train



Get the best deal you can

Either book in advance online, or find out what railcards will save you money. Tickets can be quite complicated, and it’s easy to pay more than you need to, so don’t use the automatic machines in the station unless you know what ticket and deal you need.

Season tickets offer a big saving and the train companies sell weekly seasons too. If you’re going to do the same journey 3 or more times per week you will probably save. Go online or ask in the station. To get a season ticket you’ll need proof of ID, for example a photo driving licence.

Download the National Rail App. It’s quite good and will tell you if your train is delayed, arrival time, and a lot of other things.


Bring things to read and do

A train journey is a great opportunity to catch up on the news, sort out emails, message friends, family and work colleagues. Whatever you do though make sure your phone and devices (laptop/ ipad etc.) are fully charged before you go because most trains don’t have charger sockets.

Bring a magazine or newspaper to read. Or perhaps download the ‘Readly’ App that has a big range of the latest copies of magazines. It’s £10 a month.

If you’re travelling with children, bring lots of entertaining things for them to do. And, make sure their gameboy/ ipod/ etc. is charged for both ways.

If travelling with children it’ll be easier if you are near the onboard café if there is one, because if you do need food/ drinks you will want to minimise time away from them and it’ll be easier all round.


Protect your valuables

Transport for London handled over 246,000 items of lost property last year but were only able to return around 25% – in almost all cases because they could not locate the owner. HomingPIN enables customers to help recover lost or misplaced property anywhere in the world, so be sure to protect your valuables with HomingPIN!!

It is often said that it’s the journey, not the destination that counts, so kick back and relax when train travelling this summer!


Don’t miss your stop

You’ll be amazed how often that happens! If you’re going to have a snooze, set an alarm on your phone for 5 minutes before you arrive. Don’t make it the time in the timetable because that’s a departure time for your station! Alternatively, use the automatic timetable on the National Rail App.