Things To Do Outdoors This Autumn/ Fall

Things To Do Outdoors This Autumn/ Fall
September 23, 2015 Dan Milne

Here are some great ideas on things to do outside in the Autumn/ Fall! What are yours?



Go for a stroll or hike to a new local destination

There is always a new spot to explore. Hiking is one of the best exercises you can do.

Even if you live in the city, why not drive outside the city boarders and see what you can find?



Weekend city-breaks in the autumn/ fall can be a real breath of fresh air (literally).

Of course many may not have the budget to do just that, so maybe a trip to your local city for a spot of shopping or visiting an amusement park in the autumn fall can be a great time of year to do so. Fewer crowds, less heat and more fun!

The autumn fall is the most temperate times of year across Europe, now could be the best time to grab a bargain! Off-season adventures = cheaper travel costs and is great as you will avoid heavy crowds and congestion.

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Foraging, picking berries & wild foods

It’s that time of year, the autumn/ fall season can be a great time to get out and about in the open countryside and see what’s growing around you.

You’ll be amazed with what wild foods there is on offer and up for grabs. As long as the food your picking (fruits, berries, mushrooms and wild flowers) are not poisonous, a protected species or on private property, your good to go.

So needless to say, this is the perfect season to fill up the fridge/ freezer with some natural goodies and of course, get baking those apples and pumpkins!


Go for a bike ride

Instead of always hopping in the car for the convenience of it, dust off the bike and go for a bike ride. It’s fun, surprisingly quick and you’ll get fit by doing it!

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Begin planning a halloween party

It’s that time of the year again where you and your loved ones can wrap up warm and gather around a cosy bonfire, have a nice bowl of warm soup and get dressed up in something scary for the kids.

Taking the kids trick or treating and letting off some steam with a bunch of fireworks can also be great fun! But we all know this already…


Stay inside

Had enough of outdoors for this autumn/ fall? Stay inside instead and enjoy the home comforts and warmth around a nice hot fire with a cup of coco or mulled wine!

Happy first day of Autumn fall! – HomingPIN.