Going Down A Slippery Slope This Winter? – Ski Season 2015

Going Down A Slippery Slope This Winter? – Ski Season 2015
October 20, 2015 Dan Milne

Going Down A Slippery Slope This Winter? – Ski Season 2015




Ski Season – 2015

As summer ends, temperatures drop and the ski shows roll in to town, most of us become increasingly excited about the coming ski season and start planning our winter trip, if you haven’t booked already.­

But for some people it’s a case of, “why wait?” A handful of ski resorts are already open as autumn begins and during October and November another dozen of Europe’s leading ski centres will crank up the lifts and open their slopes for early season skiing, months before most other resorts.

Ski equipment isn’t cheap to replace if lost. So, what can you do to ensure your expensive ski gear is protected? HomingPIN it!

Below is a list of reason to HomingPIN your ski equipment:



You may already have insurance, but placing a HomingPIN on all your equipment means if handed in, you are almost guaranteed to get your items back – something not all insurers can guarantee.

Insurance goes up every time you make a claim, the great thing about HomingPIN is it’s inexpensive. All you need to pay for is the minimal year subscription to cover your items.


HomingPIN can protect your valuables anywhere around the globe – as long as you’re an annual member of HomingPIN. Our global courier service works round the clock to ensure your items are returned safely.


Peace Of Mind

Have you just bought an expensive item(s)? HomingPIN can give you that extra assurance you need to ensure your expensive equipment is safe.


Returned Back, Fast!

If any of your valuables have ended up at a lost property office, tracking down the owners for lost valuables can be difficult and often only 25% of property is returned to the owner. With HomingPIN, your belongings can be returned back to you, fast!


Identity Theft

HomingPIN keeps your Identity safe; the finder can still contact you without accessing your personal data. The finder’s contact details are forwarded to you.


So what are you waiting for? Protect your equipment today, and remember, be careful on those slopes!