Why HomingPIN Is A Great Gift Idea

Why HomingPIN Is A Great Gift Idea
November 19, 2015 Dan Milne

Buying expensive gifts and high tech valuables this thanksgiving? Thinking of purchasing a HomingPIN to protect your belongings? Below is a list of some of the most common high value items that go missing on a day-to-day basis. Love the items and gifts your buying? Protect them with HomingPIN.

What can you protect with HomingPIN?



The phrase “Lost Luggage” Is the last thing any business traveler or holidaymaker wants to hear. But with over 20 Million bags mislaid in airports each year the need to protect your luggage is crucial.

Camera with HomingPIN sticker


When losing a camera, you’re also losing all the fantastic memories that come with it, which you won’t get back if unreturned. Whether you’re a professional photographer, a tourist or just enjoy snapping pictures for a hobby, don’t take the risk, HomingPIN it!



Carrying a smart phone on you is a necessity these days, whether it’s for work or personal use. We use our phones regularly throughout the day, replying to emails, sending messages, taking photos or even just to surf the net. Phones could easily slip through our fingers, or from our pockets without us noticing. Worry no longer; an asset label is the solution.



Around 12,000 laptops are lost each week in US airports. Commuters are also at risk when travelling on public transport. In New York alone, over 19,000 items are lost every year to subway and bus riders. Be safe; treat your laptop to a HomingPIN.
Wallet with HomingPIN sticker

Other important valuables to protect – Wallet & Keys

Carrying around everyday essentials such as keys and wallets is the norm, but these items are small and can easily be lost or misplaced without us noticing. Often these items won’t be returned to their owners, and replacing car keys can be extremely costly. Ensure your wallet and keys get returned! Attach a HomingPIN.


Whether you’re travelling on business or jetting off on your holidays, you won’t be going anywhere without your passport. Not only can a lost passport be extremely inconvenient, it can be extremely costly to misplace. Why chance it when HomingPIN can return it to you?

Remember valuables can be lost anywhere in the world, and it’s our duty to ensure the owner is reunited with their lost property FAST.

Asset Labels
You can use our handy Asset Labels to protect your valuables, including mobile phones, cameras, laptops, wallets and anything else you want back to protect.

Loops & Tags
To see how simple it is to attach our loops and tags to your items please click here.

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