HomingPIN – 28 Things To Do This Summer

HomingPIN – 28 Things To Do This Summer
May 2, 2016 glenn


1. Purchase a HomingPIN! You won’t regret it.

2. Get those Birkenstocks out!

3. Make a summer playlist

4. Take a road trip and blast your summer playlist

5. Binge watch season 3 of Orange Is The New Black!

6. Go to a market and eat lots of delicious food

7. Have a pleasant bike ride with friends & family

8. Book a spontaneous last minute holiday

9.  PIMM’S! Do we need to say anymore?

10. Enjoy a 99p flake from the ice cream van!

11. Visit the Zoo

12. Read a book, or two!

13. Go strawberry picking

14. Make delicious smoothies

15. Do something that scares you

16. Work hard

17. Play harder

18. Take lots of pictures

19. Make memories

20. If you live in the countryside, take a trip to the City

21. If you live in the City, take a trip to the countryside

22. Attend a BBQ

23. Party at a festival!

24. Go on a picnic

25. Camp out & roast marshmallows around the fire

26. Relax!

27. Stay off social media for one day. WE DARE YOU!

28. Enjoy a scenic boat ride with loved ones!

How many will you tick off this list during summer?