HomingPIN – Ever Lost Your Smartphone?

HomingPIN – Ever Lost Your Smartphone?
May 27, 2016 Dan Milne


We no longer use our mobile phones just to make calls – we now use our smartphones for email, social networking, mobile banking, maps and games, or even as diaries. So if we were to lose or break a handset, many of us would be lost.

Losing your phone can also be an expensive problem. Today, one in four people have insurance cover. But this insurance is often not cheap; it can add hundreds of pounds a year to your annual phone costs.


Protecting your smartphone from loss with HomingPIN

The finder simply connects to the owner by going online to homingpin.com, or if an airport by using their WorldTracer system for baggage handling. By inputing their details and the homingPIN number(s) found a text message is sent instantly to the owner. The finder is not given information about the owner.


The owner then contacts the finder and arranges to get their property back. We provide 2 ways to make that happen:

1.For airlines we provide the airline with information on where the bag is instantly it is found. They will then contact you and arrange for immediate transfer. No more waiting for them to find your bags, and you no longer wait in frustration to hear about when you will get them back.

2. Where property is found anywhere else we can provide, at reasonable cost, a method of getting your property back from anywhere in the world. That includes luggage when the owner has returned home internationally.

When travelling anywhere, be sure to protect all your luggage and valuable items with HomingPIN, you won’t regret it! For more information on HomingPIN please visit our homepage: www.homingpin.com