Ten Top Tips For Remote Working

Ten Top Tips For Remote Working
November 1, 2016 Dan Milne


HomingPIN – Ten Top Tips For Remote Working

Tired of being wired to the spot? Ten Top Tips for surviving remote working anywhere in the world…


Be Paperless

Of the many things you can and should take with you when you’re out of the office – piles of paperwork is not one of them. Being paperless gives you the entire office online anywhere fast. One of the best apps for this is Neat Scanner. Another great tool is Dropbox – a file management and sharing tool. Dropbox keeps your files on your PC/desktop and when your next online will update them on the cloud… you can also access your files from any computer or device.

Why stop with a paperless office – have a paperless personal life with Virtual Bills & Auto Pay – Set your bills to come in via email and auto pay. Auto Pay sets all bills to be paid unless you stop them. Another useful app for this is Mint – where you can see all your accounts bank and credit cards in one view. Helping you to check in on your balances and spending. Keeping an eye on your finances you will be able to detect any fraudulent charges sooner. Simple!


Lets Talk Apps

Communication seems to be the biggest issue you can face with remote working. However in the 21st century there are thousands of tools and Apps to help you. The choice may be overwhelming. Best thing to do is chose a couple that work best for you and the people you need to communicate regularly with.

Apps available include: Skype, iPhone facetime, WhattsApp Appear.in and Zoom.us

Appear.in and Zoom.us are better than chatting online, you can set up a portal so that you can be in the office virtually and “pop” in for a chat. This builds team relationships and make sure your face is seen regularly.


Whoa! Back Up There

Google is banned in many communist countries such as China and Vietnam. Something many people may not be aware of, meaning you cannot access various sites including hotmail.

There is nothing worse than arriving somewhere; settling down to do some work to find you cannot access anything! Make sure that you set your emails to back up offline and download your messages to a local hard disk before taking your flight. That way you will be a savvy remote working traveller.


12916794_507032086088438_7096415111039963418_oTime To Talk?

So your boss is at a conference in Singapore, your designer in California and you’re in an internet café in France! Make your life easier with Everytimezone.com this site shows you in real time in a simple easy visual format what time everyone on. They also have a handy app for your phone so you can take it anywhere. It can even be customised to show the time zones that are important to you.

Quiet Time

If you have ever sat down to do some work and been interrupted or distracted you will know how important it is to get quality time to quietly get on with the things you need to get done. Don’t be afraid to protect your time. In the office you can always shut a door but working remotely means people feel they can call you when ever as no one knows the best time to disturb you. One thing to do this is to use “Do Not Disturb” settings on your phone. Get in the habit of using this for a set short period of time. For example between 3-4pm, this gives you that vital power hour and means your team prepare for this in advance getting things over to you before 3pm.


Write Your Own Rules

All-important in today’s working world are to-do lists, but when working remotely, it’s equally important to have a don’t-do list. If you are working from home, you are made all the more aware of other things you can be doing. Housework, vacuuming, washing up, folding cloths etc. then there is online; booking holidays shopping around for car insurance, especially as there is no one standing over you watching what you are doing. It is hard to be focused and not get distracted. So it is even more important to have a don’t do list. Write out your don’t do’s and keep them posted near your computer to remind you. Include things such as – do not put the TV on, do not wash up cups or plates until a set time.

You can use tools such as pocket app for saving web articles for later, for other things a simple pen and paper will suffice. Other tools such as “Rescue Time” are equally useful. Rescue time tracks the amount of time spent online and on different apps during the day. Meaning you are able to see where your time is going and on what tasks. You can then put some sites on your don’t do list – such as facebook.

Get Out!

Where there is no clear line between working and free time it is easy to have the two merge together. When you leave the office at 5pm you instantly can switch off work, people instinctively know you are on your own free time. You need to have a wind-down ritual so that you can turn off work. Taking a 5-minute walk to help you mind rest and reset its self is a great way to achieve this, so go on get out!! Why not take more time to exercise and unwind – 30 minutes is the recommended amount of exercise to be taken each day.

Have a leaving the office ritual.

A great way of letting people know you have finished for the day is iDoneThis. Letting your colleagues know what you have done and what you will accomplish the next day, and that your day is finished.

The Hardest Tasks

start the day with the thing you think is the hardest to do. If it is a call, a report or an email, it is best to start with the thing you are avoiding. Once you have it out of the way then you will find you will have a more positive productive day. Ensure that you get up as you would if you were working from an office, shower and get ready fresh for the day. Get your self into work mode before starting your day. Google Keep allows you to task manage tasks at the end of every day so that you can jump right in the next morning. Reminders can be set in the app for the start of the working day so you know what to do when.

Space And Time

One of the most important things to do its to set your workspace out so that it is clearly defined and separate to your personal space, that way you can have a definitive line between when you are working and when you are at leisure.

Setting regimented work hours, and stick to them, this will make a set divide home life from work life each day, and lets your team know when you’re available and when you’re not, no matter what your icon says.

HPIN_Standard Pack ContentsProtect Your Stuff

Your boss wouldn’t leave the office unlocked over night, your personnel files on the internet for all to see, so be vigilant, stay safe and protect your work tools. When your tech is your office make sure that you keep up to date with anti virus software, use mail spam filters and make sure you never open any attachments from sources you cannot verify.

Keeping track of your items is also extremely important using tools such find my iphone is great for when you misplace items in your immediate vicinity such as in your house or in a hotel. However you should also use a secondary safeguard against the worst, putting a registered HomingPIN on your valuables and work items protect them when travelling. Computers, iphones and other gadgets with a HomingPIN will connect you to the finder, whether that is the concierge, airport security or even a taxi driver. You cannot put your name and contact details on your laptops gadgets that can give data thieves a way of hacking those items – let your items tell you where they are, HomingPIN them.



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